Find your lost Android phone even if it on Silent Mode, using...

Find your lost Android phone even if it on Silent Mode, using Where's My Android


There are applications that can be used to theft proof your mobile phone whetherdonut_2009 it happens to be an iPhone, Nokia N8, HTC Desire, Wildfire, Xperia X10 or anything running Android. This can off course work very effectively. But what happens when you put your smartphone on silent and somehow loose it? If you loose a cellphone with its ringer on, finding it is as simple as calling your number, but if it on silent then chances are you won’t be able to find it unless you are very lucky. There is one Android application using which you can turn on the ringer by sending s specific message to your cellphone and even locate it using its GPS.

Developed by Alienmanfc6 for devices running Android 1.6 and up, Where’s My Android simply stands out of the crowd and is the ultimate app for finding your cellphone even it is on silent mode. Where’s My Android works by sending a pre-defined text message to your Android device on which the ringer is automatically turned on. Send another text and the phone will send you its location using its integral GPS.

Where’s my Android is free to download and use. With the paid version you can choose which ringtones to play and even E-mail a secret text message to the phone to turn the ringer on. The app itself is fairly easy to configure and use. Just supply the secret phrases that you want to use for each action. You can also configure it to ring from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, vibrate on receiving a message, enable secret password so no one can change the settings etc. The support is simply awesome and one can watch Video Tutorials on how to configure or use the app. This indeed is a very useful application. It is available for free from the Android Market. More info is also available at the Where’s My Android website. See the screenshots below.


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