How to configure MMS and GPRS (Internet) on your Android smartphone

How to configure MMS and GPRS (Internet) on your Android smartphone


If you have an Android device that comes with a data plan then most likely it would come pre-configured with MMS and GPRS/EDGE settings by your network operator. However, if you have bought it from open market, have rooted it or even restored factory settings (sometimes) then you will very likely have to configure these settings. Follow these steps to configure MMS and GPRS/EDGE on your Android device. Before starting up check with your service provider on website or via helpline for some of the network parameters that you are going to need.


1.   Call your operator or check their website for following info:

  • GPRS Settings
    • Connection Name: Vodafone or whatever your Network Operator name is
    • Data Bearer: GPRS
    • Access Point Name:
    • User Name: xxx
    • Prompt Password: xxx
    • Password: xxx
    • Authentication: xxx
    • MMSC: xxx
    • MCC: xxx
    • MNC: xxx
    • Homepage:
    • Phone IP Address:
    • Primary Name Server:
    • Second. Name Server:
    • Proxy Serv. Address:
    • Proxy Port Number: 8080 or as provided by your operator
    • Authentication Type: PAP/CHAP/None etc

  • MMS Settings
    • APN:
    • Username: xxx
    • Password: xxx
    • MMSC:
    • MMSC Proxy:
    • MMS Max Message Size: xxx
    • MMS UA Prof URL: xxxx

2.   After getting these settings, click Menu on the main screen and select Settings.


3.   Select Wireless and Networks and scroll down to Mobile networks, click Mobile networks and click Access Point Names.

mms2     mms3    mms4

4.   Click Menu and tap New APN. A new window will pop up. Tap the drop down menus and type in network parameters. It is really that simple. When you are done tap Menu in the same screen and click Save.

mms5    mms6    mms7

mms8   mms9   mms9a

5.   For MMS in the Access Point Names click Menu again and select New APN. Now type in the parameters for the MMS , when you are done click S
. You have to set a New APN for GPRS and MMS.

6.   If you want to remain connected to the Internet always check Mobile Network (Connect to the Internet) or you can check it to connect as often as you like.


That’s all you need to do to use MMS and Internet via GPRS/EDGE. Now enjoy surfing the web and sending MMS via your Android device.