The Best Go Launcher EX Themes for Android

The Best Go Launcher EX Themes for Android


Go Launcher EX is actually the extended version of GO Launcher, perhaps the most popular app for Android. Go launcher EX is a free app using which one can add themes to his/her Android device. With Go Launcher EX the Android device interface is transformed and the looks become a lot better. Using this app you can add hundreds of themes which are available for free. With this app you can access various screens using the pinch feature and even edit them. You can also set flip and transition speeds, long press on icons to activate popup menu which gives you various options like replace, rename or delete.


See the screenshots below.

go launcher ex                        go launcher ex1

The Home Screen                                 Long Press an icon to see various options


go launcher ex2                       go launcher ex3

The apps window showing All, Recent and Running apps. Pressing Menu brings up the different settings options. (Screenshots above)

This post however, is dedicated to the best themes fro Go Launcher EX. You will find their download links and screenshots. Please install GO Launcher EX before downloading these themes. Go Launcher EX works with devices running Android 2.0 and up.

The Wood Theme. Enjoy using Wooden background with lovely icons.

wood                                     wood1


Love Theme. You will definitely fall in love with this one.

love theme                                     love theme2


Neon Blue Theme. Enjoy using clean Neon Blue interface.

neon blue theme                                      neon blue theme2


Romantic Theme. Brings out the romantic in you.

romantic theme                                     romantic theme2


Black Bing Theme. See the the power of Black in action.

blck bling theme                                     blck bling theme2


Honeycomb Theme. Enjoy using Honeycomb on your Droid.

Honeycomb                                     Honeycomb2


Windows 7 Theme. Try the Windows 7 theme.

win7                                       win7a


Sketch Theme. The theme and icons appear as if sketched by hand.

sketch theme                                     sketch theme2


iPhone Theme (Paid). Transform you Android in to an iPhone with this cool theme.

iphone theme                                     iphone theme2


Black Glass Theme. Feel like using a Black Glass background with matching icons? 

Black Glass theme                                     Black Glass theme2


Glass Theme (Paid). Enjoy using cool transparent interface on your Android.

glass theme                                    glass theme2


Cartoon Theme. In the mood for some cartoons?

cartoon theme                                    cartoon theme2


Future Theme. Give your Droid the Futuristic looks.

future theme                                    future theme2


JackSparrow Theme. See the Pirates in action on your screen.

jacksparrow                                    jacksparrow2


Dark Metal Theme. Impressive and beautiful.

dark metal                                    dark metal2