What to do if the SMS app in your Android smartphone gets...

What to do if the SMS app in your Android smartphone gets slow?


Android smartphones have capacity to store huge amounts of data. The storagesms icon capacity can vary from 2 GB to 32 GB depending on the size of one’s SD Card. Having such a huge storage also means that your smartphone will become slow. Mostly it is the SMS application that slows down to a point where sending or even reading a received SMS can take a lot of time and hence prove to be quite frustrating. Please follow these steps if your SMS app is taking ages to respond.




  • Back up all your SMS messages.
  • Open up the SMS app you are using, I  have used Handcent but now I am using chompSMS. Delete all unnecessary SMS messages on your device. It is the huge quantity of messages that slows the SMS app. If the entire thread isn’t important you can delete that as well. The problem is that when you open up the messaging app it starts to load the messages and if you have something like 5000 plus messages, obviously its going to take an awful long time to load them and so the app itself becomes slow and at times sticky.
  • If you really have a lot of SMS and conversations then you may install Super SMS Quick Delete which works with Android 1.5 and up. Using this app you can select the SMS conversation and delete them in one go. You can download it from Android Market.

supsmsdel            supsmsdel1

  • Now give your Android smartphone a restart and fire up the SMS app. You will experience a marked increase in its speed and performance.